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Courts continue to consider intersection of Fourth Amendment and technology: without a warrant, retrieval of car’s electronic data unconstitutional, but surveillance on hunting property permissible

The Fourth Amendment has received significant attention in recent court rulings involving surveillance, electronic data retrieval, and other types of technology. Two rulings issued on October 21, 2019 demonstrate how difficult it can be to anticipate the outcome of Fourth Amendment disputes relating to technology. In one, the Georgia Supreme Court found the warrantless search … Continue Reading

EU Art. 29 Proposes Class Actions to Enforce Privacy Rights

This month, the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party (Working Party) and the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) held the European Data Governance Forum, an international conference focusing on the issues of privacy, innovation and surveillance in Europe. The conference highlighted many of the issues raised in the Joint Statement released by the Working Party … Continue Reading

LIBE Committee Report on U.S. Surveillance Activities Calls for an End to EU-U.S. Data Transfers

Recently leaked, the LIBE Committee draft report on surveillance activities signals a dim future for the international free flow of data in the eyes of the European Parliament. The report despairs of the recent revelations by whistle-blowers about the extent of U.S. mass surveillance activities, causing the trust between the EU and the United States … Continue Reading

Shoring Up Safe Harbor: EU and U.S. Must Work Together to Rebuild Trust in EU-US Data Flows

Revelations of systematic mass surveillance of EU citizens’ data by the United States did little for transatlantic relations generally, and even less for the EU-US Safe Harbor scheme in particular. The European Commission (the ‘Commission’) conducted a review into whether Safe Harbor was still fit for the purpose of preserving EU citizens’ data protection rights … Continue Reading

UN Urged to Create International Digital Bill of Rights

This post was written by Cynthia O’Donoghue. Nobel Prize laureates have joined 562 authors from 81 countries around the world to sign a petition demanding that the UN create an international ‘digital bill of rights’ to put an end to government surveillance activities and the erosion of the human right to privacy in the digital … Continue Reading

UN Passes Internet Privacy Resolution Recognising Human Rights Online

The UN General Assembly’s Human Rights Committee has announced that a draft resolution sponsored by Brazil and Germany, ‘The Right To Privacy in the Digital Age,’ has been unanimously approved. The resolution recognises that rapid technological development has created new opportunities for governments and organisations to undertake surveillance and interception in violation of an individual’s … Continue Reading

A Crash Course on Education Privacy

This post was also written by Jason H. Ballum, Amy S. Mushahwar, and Frederick Lah. With March Madness on the horizon, did you know that educational institutions are part of another Final Four? One in four data breaches come from higher educational institutions or K-12 schools. In addition to data breaches, schools face unique privacy issues … Continue Reading