This post was also written by Joshua B. Marker.

California legislators have proposed revisions to the Shine the Light Act, which we first wrote about here. Under pending legislation, the Shine the Light Act would be renamed the “Right to Know Act of 2013,” with significantly expanded reach and requirements. If the proposed amendment

This post was also written by Joshua B. Marker.

A proposed amendment to California’s “Shine the Light” law seeks to require companies to disclose more detailed information about their data-sharing practices, while giving consumers the ability to bring class action lawsuits under the legislation.

Presently, Shine the Light requires companies doing business with

This post was also written by Joshua B. Marker and Christopher G. Cwalina.

Increasingly, consumers demand to know how the businesses they patronize use, share, and disclose personal information. California’s Shine the Light Act, California Civil Code 1798.83, is intended to meet this demand for transparency. The Shine the Light Act provides California residents a