The European Union economy stands to miss out on the benefits of cloud technology, as legislative measures across the individual Member States act to prevent businesses from using cloud services on an EU-wide level. The use of off-premise cloud technologies offers both economic and productivity benefits to start-ups and larger enterprises, but according to Pearse O’Donohue, Head of Software and Services, Cloud Computing in the European Commission, many organisations are unable to appreciate its benefits because of limitations and restrictions contained within some Member States’ laws. O’Donohue was speaking at a Datacloud Europe Event in Monaco.

O’Donohue emphasised that cloud technologies offer easy solutions for new firms looking to develop without huge upfront technology costs, but that numerous legislative barriers mean that facilitation of such services is not always possible. For example, Member States’ laws may prevent organisations from expanding into other countries, limiting their ability to use cloud services.Continue Reading ‘Reform EU cloud protection rules or risk missing out on billions of euros’ worth of revenue’