On October 27, 2016, the FCC adopted a new set of privacy and data security regulations applicable to “broadband service providers and other telecommunications carriers.”

The rules place new restrictions on internet service providers’ (“ISPs”) ability to use and share their customers’ data. The Commission established two data classifications: (1) sensitive information, and (2) non-sensitive

The UN General Assembly’s Human Rights Committee has announced that a draft resolution sponsored by Brazil and Germany, ‘The Right To Privacy in the Digital Age,’ has been unanimously approved.

The resolution recognises that rapid technological development has created new opportunities for governments and organisations to undertake surveillance and interception in violation of

Transparency is central to respecting the privacy of individuals and it is paramount that organisations develop transparent online privacy policies so that individuals understand how their personal data is handled in this virtual context. To raise awareness of online privacy rights and to encourage compliance with privacy legislation, 19 privacy enforcement authorities, during 6-12 May