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Recent Open Meeting Foreshadows FCC Commissioners’ Views if ACA Decision Is Remanded

As the cherry blossoms prepare to bloom in Washington, D.C., our thoughts turn toward wondering when the D.C. Circuit will hand down its ruling in ACA International, et al v. FCC (Case No. 15-1211). This case, you will recall, is the consolidation of a number of appeals challenging the July 10, 2015, Order in which … Continue Reading

Effective Dates for Previously Published Amendments to the FCC’s TCPA Regulations Have Recently Been Announced

This post was written by Amy S. Mushahwar. PLEASE NOTE that the amendments to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) regulations implementing the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) published by the FCC June 11, 2012, and relating, most significantly, to the necessity of obtaining written consent before placing some autodialed calls or sending some prerecorded messages, … Continue Reading

Ninth Circuit Uses Potentially Dangerous Language Regarding What Constitutes Prior Express Consent Under the TCPA

This post was also written by Amy S. Mushahwar. Appellant, joined by a number of amicae including the American Bankers Association, is seeking rehearing or rehearing en banc in connection with a recent decision by the Ninth Circuit that should be of grave concern to any entity that uses auto-dialers in its contacts with consumers. … Continue Reading

The FCC May Be Preparing To Release Guidance on the Definition of an Autodialer and on Other TCPA Related Issues

This post was written by Amy S. Mushahwar. Over the course of the past couple weeks, the Federal Communications Commission released a flurry of Public Notices, putting out for comment seven pending Requests for Declaratory Rulings, most relating to the use of auto-dialing technologies, and all relating to application of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act … Continue Reading

FTC Announces $50,000 Prize for Technical Solution Enabling Consumers To Block Robocalls

This post was also written by Amy S. Mushahwar. In last week’s all-day Robocall Summit at the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”), representatives of the FTC and the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”), and the Indiana Attorney General, repeatedly referenced their frustration in the face of a constantly multiplying number of consumer complaints regarding unwanted robocalls and their inability, … Continue Reading

New Do-Not-Call Public Safety Registry Creates Additional Obligations for Auto-Dial Operators

This post was also written by Amy S. Mushahwar. In its Open Meeting today, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) placed new obligations on entities that use auto-dialers. “Robocalls” to public safety phone lines, absent an emergency purpose or prior express consent, have long been prohibited under the 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”). However, Congress has continued … Continue Reading

FCC Seeks Comments on a Cybersecurity Roadmap

This post was also written by Chris Cwalina and Amy Mushahwar. Securing information technology infrastructure has become a prominent focus of the Obama administration and the subject of several bills percolating on Capitol Hill. In step with these efforts, on Monday, August 9, 2010, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) requested public comment on its proposal to … Continue Reading