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Never forget a face: Potential impact of facial recognition and biometrics on the real estate world in response to COVID-19

The use of facial recognition and other biometric technologies by businesses, retailers, and landlords continues to grow and has found a new application in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Proper implementation and management of these technologies can help increase security and limit physical contact. Real estate management firms and various businesses may be able to … Continue Reading

New Guidelines on Collecting Biometric Data Help Businesses Stay Ahead of the Game

The amount of data collected worldwide is rapidly proliferating, and one international organization wants to make sure it’s clear how to protect what is arguably the most sensitive category of that data: biometrics. The Biometrics Institute, which has branches in London and Sydney, released new revisions to its Biometrics Privacy Guidelines to its members on … Continue Reading

The Article 29 Working Party publishes Opinion 02/2012 on the use of facial recognition technology in mobile and online services, highlighting the data protection considerations in its recommendations.

This post was written by Cynthia O’Donoghue. In the midst of a rapid increase in the availability and accuracy of facial recognition technology in recent years, the Article 29 Working Party adopted in March this year Opinion 02/2012, highlighting the data protection considerations on the use of facial recognition technology in services such as social … Continue Reading