EU Agency for Network and Information Security

On July 28, the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) published its Annual Activity Report 2014. The report summarises its operations and programs from the previous year, and highlights the areas in which it feels it has contributed the most to Europe’s data protection and cybersecurity environment.

The ENISA prides itself on being a centre of expertise for cybersecurity, and works closely with members of the public and private sector by delivering advice and tailor-made cybersecurity solutions. The ENISA’s activities are divided into three keys areas: (i) recommendations to its stakeholders; (ii) support for policy development and implementation; and (iii) ‘hands on’ work with operational communities. With regard to recommendations, it published 37 reports last year ranging from national issues such as protections of critical infrastructure, to issues affecting individuals such as data protection and privacy.
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