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Concerns for Google’s Privacy Policy

Reed Smith’s Co-Head of Data Privacy, Security & Management, Cynthia O’Donoghue, was interviewed by LexBlog earlier this week, following the recent outcome of the CNIL’s (the French data protection agency) investigation of Google’s new privacy policy. Cynthia outlined the reasons for the CNIL’s preliminary findings, stressing that its failure to properly incorporate EU data protection … Continue Reading

French CNIL Urges Google to Postpone the Launch of its Integrated Platform and Raises Serious Doubts about Google’s Compliance with European Data Privacy Directive

February 2012 will last as a milestone of an unprecedented fight between the Working Party 29, which comprises the European Data Protection Agencies, and Google. Google has highly publicised the forthcoming launch of an integrated platform that is deemed to allow a better tracking of the user’s personal data and in particular to advertise with … Continue Reading

The CNIL provides guidance to comply with French cookie legislation

In August, France implemented new rules governing the use of cookies as required under the ePrivacy Directive (Ordinance of 24 August 2011 number 2011-1012 relating to electronic communications (“the Ordinance”)), and the CNIL has now issued guidance called the ‘Telecoms Package’ to help businesses comply with cookie legislation in France. The main aim of the … Continue Reading

Labels of conformity with the French Data Protection Act now available from the CNIL

Earlier this month, the CNIL announced that CNIL labels would now be available for two categories with respect to processing of personal data: i) data privacy audit procedures, and ii) data privacy professional training. The labels signify to the public that the product or process offered meets the requirements of the CNIL in terms of … Continue Reading

French data protection authority CNIL narrows the scope of whistle blowing hotlines

The CNIL, the French data protection authority, has just published the conclusions of its deliberation on October 14, 2010 concerning its new approach of whistle blowing hotlines. Operating a whistle blowing hotline in France is subject to notification to the CNIL since personal data are collected and processed. This is a specific notification procedure since … Continue Reading