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Hasn’t it been a busy week in Europe? The regulators seems to be falling over one another in a race to the top of privacy regulation. Targeted are web browsers and ‘do-not-track’ mechanisms, children’s internet privacy, banks, and the U.S.’s request for passenger data.

The European Commissioner Nellie Kroes came close to threatening the advertising industry when speaking at a recent workshop in Brussels. The EU is picking up the baton from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission in calling for a ‘Do Not Track’ standard to be in place by June of 2012. For those web browsers who either run or businesses who honour do-not-track, Commissioner Kroes says, “But this is not enough. Citizens need to be sure what exactly companies commit to if they say they honour do not track. … If I don’t see a speedy and satisfactory development, I will not hesitate to employ all available means to ensure our citizens’ right to privacy.”Continue Reading A busy week in Europe: Do Not Track, Children’s Internet Privacy, Data Breach Notification and Transfers of Passenger Record Data

This post was also written by Chris Cwalina and Amy Mushahwar.

With President Obama scheduled to sign the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act this week, the financial services industry faces a rapidly changing regulatory environment.  While a great deal of attention has been paid to the significant restructuring of the financial