The Summer 2022 Edition of the quarterly IT & Data Protection Newsletter by Reed Smith Germany has just been released:

English version

German version

In this edition we cover the following topics:

  1. More on Google Analytics and GDPR in Europe
  2. Checklist for data processing agreements from German supervisory authorities
  3. CJEU: Scope of special category personal data
  4. Frankfurt Court of Appeals: The receipt of free e-books may trigger an obligation for influencers to label their posts as advertising
  5. Kassel Local Court: Confirmation email in double opt-in process not spam
  6. Advocate General/CJEU: Scope of the right to access under the GDPR
  7. Düsseldorf Administrative Court on the right to access under article 15 of the GDPR

The newsletter also includes multiple recommendations for readings on GDPR fines, dark patterns on social media platform interfaces, the metaverse, Facebook fan pages, e-commerce using guest accounts, scientific research, and more. We also included an overview over the 2022 annual reports of the German data protection authorities. We hope you enjoy reading it.