The Winter 2021 Edition of the quarterly IT & Data Protection Newsletter by Reed Smith Germany has just been released:

English version

German version

In this edition we cover the following topics:

  1. Strengthening fair competition – changes to the law against unfair competition
  2. Cologne Regional Court on the broad concept of the right to access (in court)
  3. EUR 14.5 million data protection fine lifted and now appealed
  4. Rostock Regional Court on obtaining cookie consent
  5. Munich Court of Appeals on real name use in telemedia
  6. Frankfurt Regional Court on drone photos covered by copyright freedom of panorama

The newsletter also includes multiple recommendations for readings on the ePrivacy Regulation, German Telecommunication and Telemedia Act, Standard Contractual Clauses, DPIAs, data breaches, Brexit, cookie fines and more.

We hope you enjoy reading it.