The Summer 2019 Edition of the quarterly IT & Data Protection Newsletter by Reed Smith Germany has just been released:

English version

German version

In this edition we cover the following topics:

  1. ECJ and GDPR: Another decision hitting social media activities by companies
  2. EDPB does not opt for changes to EU standard contractual clauses
  3. EU Commission on implementation of GDPR
  4. Second German GDPR Implementation Act
  5. Frankfurt Court of Appeals: no general prohibition on bundling marketing consent to sweepstakes
  6. ECJ: landmark decision on sampling
  7. Frankfurt Court of Appeals ruling on influencer marketing and manufacturer tags
  8. Munich Regional Court: Affiliate links to be clearly labelled as advertisement

The newsletter also includes multiple recommendations for reading of publications of the European Data Protection Board and the German data protection authorities.

We hope you enjoy reading it.