The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is inviting organisations to help develop a framework for future auditing of artificial intelligence (AI).

A team from the ICO’s Technology Policy and Innovation Directorate will develop the framework. The framework is intended to help regulators ensure AI applications are transparent, fair and appropriately risk assessed.

As well as the invitation, the ICO has established a blog site where it will provide updates on its thinking about development of the framework.

The ICO is seeking input from anyone involved with the use of personal data and AI to join its consultation. The input will be used to draft a formal consultation paper. This is expected to be published by January 2020. This will then be followed by the final AI auditing framework and associated guidance for companies. This is expected to be published by spring 2020.

AI was identified as a priority for ICO in its Technology Strategy last year. Given its massive potential, AI is an area of increased regulatory interest, both in the UK and in other countries. If you want to work with the ICO to help develop its AI regulatory framework, you can contact the relevant ICO team here.

We will continue to keep you updated on developments in this fast paced and ever evolving area.