On 23 May 2017, our European IT, Privacy and Data Security team hosted a breakfast roundtable to discuss the most pertinent GDPR questions that our clients are facing, with only 12 months to go until the GDPR comes fully into effect. With the many new and enhanced obligations that the GDPR is introducing for businesses, we are working with clients across all industry sectors to help them take the crucial steps to get ahead on the path to compliance.

Team members gave a brief presentation on the key issues that we focus on most frequently, giving advice and tips on planning compliance activities for the next 12 months. We took questions throughout the event and, since then, have prepared further guidance on the topics for which we received the most queries.

Please download the 12-page booklet that we have prepared following this event, which features 10 steps you should aim to complete between now and 25 May 2018. Click here to download.

We would like to extend our grateful thanks to those who attended our roundtable and who contributed to the discussion. We plan to host another breakfast roundtable in November addressing the key GDPR issues with six months to go.

If you have any questions on the GDPR, or any other feature of our changing data-protection landscape, please contact a member of our team