At the latest meeting in Brussels, Justice ministers failed to come to a consensus on the “one stop shop mechanism” and the role of the proposed European Data Protection Board (EDPB). The minutes state that while a “majority of ministers endorsed the general architecture of the proposal,” “further technical work is required”.

Ahead of the meeting, Italy prepared a compromise proposal on the one-stop-shop plan. This proposal suggested the creation of a Lead Data Protection Authority (DPA) to deal with cross-border disputes, and for any disputes between DPAs to be referred to the EDPB.

Several Ministers disagreed with the proposal. In the UK, Theresa May released a statement expressing her concern that, “with legally binding powers for the EDPB to resolve disputes, the model proposed would fail to achieve the stated objectives of legal certainty, quick decisions and proximity for the data subject”.

In light of the conflict between Member States on these issues, the Data Protection Regulation likely may not be adopted until 2016.