President Putin recently signed Federal Law No. 242-FZ (the “Law”) which amends Russia’s 2006 data protection statute and primary data security law (Laws 152-FZ and 149-FZ), to require domestic data storage of Russian citizens’ personal data. The Law will allow the websites that do not comply to be blocked from operating in Russia and recorded on a Register of organisations in breach.

The requirement to relocate database operations could place a significant burden on both international and domestic online businesses. All retail, tourism, and social networking sites, along with those that rely on foreign cloud service providers, could have their access to the Russian market heavily restricted by the Law. The Law takes effect 1 September 2016, which may not provide some organisations with enough of a transition period to make the necessary changes.

Earlier this year, the Brazilian government decided not to include a similar provision in their Internet bill in recognition of the draconian nature, the potential economic impact and the practical difficulties.  Russia has not taken this more pragmatic approach.