This post was also written by Amy S. Mushahwar and Frederick Lah.

On August 21, Jumptap and Evidon announced a partnership to create and implement the AdChoices icon in mobile web and mobile app advertisements. Evidon, one of the earliest providers of privacy solutions that comply with the Digital Advertising Alliance (“DAA”) Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising, utilizes an icon to let consumers know when their web browsing is being tracked for targeted advertising. Under the partnership, when Jumptap serves a mobile ad, that ad will notify consumers if they are being targeted with behavioral ads using Evidon’s privacy solution.

Under the new program, the AdChoices icon will appear on users’ device screens, signaling the use of behavioral targeting. This icon is the same one developed under the DAA’s program for behavioral advertising, and will now be rolled out in the mobile space. If a user clicks on the icon, he or she will be redirected to Jumptap’s Privacy Overview page, where the user will be provided with more information about targeted mobile ads and how to update his or her privacy options.

Companies engaged in behavioral advertising continue to take measures to demonstrate that self-regulation is effective and legislation is therefore unnecessary. The DAA’s AdChoices program has been far reaching, serving more than 50 billion privacy notices to consumers each month. In addition, the World Wide Consortium and web browsers offer do-not-track solutions.

The mobile privacy space has been very active over the past year as more and more companies continue to focus their efforts in mobile. We have been following these issues very closely, and blog about the issues frequently. Click here for our prior posts about the New Jersey AG’s lawsuit with mobile app developer 24×7 Digital, and here for our post on the California AG’s agreement with the six major mobile app platform providers on mobile app developers’ privacy disclosures.

We’ve also covered litigation over the alleged privacy practices of mobile app providers here.

As the litigation and regulatory landscape continues to develop, and as uncertainty lingers as to if and when regulation will be passed, companies engaging in behavioral advertising in the mobile space should take solace where they can. Participating in and implementing self-regulatory solutions – like the AdChoices icon – is a good place to start.